Founded in 2019, the Australia Hong Kong Club is a not-for-profit organisation based in Australia. Our members are represented in every state and territories.
It aims to contribute to the diverse multicultural Australian society by promoting greater mutual understanding, and people-to-people ties between Australia and Hong Kong.
We offer a platform for Hong Kong Australians, recent migrants, temporary residents and any interested individuals to share their Australian life experience and celebrate their culture and heritage from Hong Kong.


Celebrate. Support. Understand. Share. Connect.

We facilitate connections between Hongkongers seeking to learn more about Australia and Australians hoping to learn more about Hong Kong.
As part of the Australian community, we celebrate our cultural heritage and promote a greater understanding of Hong Kong in our community. As part of our core service, we organise events for members of the community to share our Australian life experience and foster mutual support. Bringing together many trades and expertise, we encourage business to network and collaborate. Coming through different paths, we tell our unique Hong Kong stories in Australia.


Everybody came through a different path to where we are.

The Australia Hong Kong Club builds upon an active virtual community and is run by a team of volunteers across different states and territories.
Among our members, there are professionals in a wide range of expertise, and many individuals who are in different paths of relocation and in different positions in the Australia-Hong Kong ties.