About Siu Hong Kong

About Us

We connect, we support; we grow, we share.

Our Story

The Club started as a Facebook group in 2017 bringing together a network of friends and family sharing the Hong Kong heritage. Within the group, some newly arrived in Australia, others have lived here for decades and a few of the members were born and bred in Australia with a family of Hong Kong origin a few generations ago. The platform allows members to share their experience adjusting to another society, adapting to a new life, and appreciating the diversity as a newcomer to Australia.

Our Mission

We aim to contribute to the diverse multicultural Australian society by preserving and promoting the unique culture and language from Hong Kong. Ideally to provide a platform for Hong Kong Australians, migrants, temporary residents to celebrate their heritage and introduce them to the community.

Our Values

We not only cater for individuals from a specific heritage background, but seeks to provide an opportunity for everybody in the community to have greater Asian awareness, understanding and capability with the Hong Kong community being a part of the Australian multicultural society.